Thanks for your booking!

Please send the following to bookings@hinckleyvanrental.co.uk

1. 2x recent utility bills or bank statements

2. If moving, confirmation of new address

3. Copy of driving licence

4. Driving licence share code

2x recent utility bills or bank statements dated within the last 3 months

These can be photos, scans, or .pdf files downloaded from your internet banking or utility provider. They need to show your name and the payment address. Council tax bills cannot be used.

Confirmation of new address

This can be a rental agreement, mortgage confirmation or email from your solicitor.

Copy of driving licence

This is required for all drivers. If you have an old paper licence, then please also send a copy of photo ID, a passport is ideal.

Driving licence share code

You will need to visit https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence and using your National Insurance number, driving licence number and your postcode, generate an 8-digit code that us to allows us to view the licence to confirm any convictions. Remember this code is case sensitive.

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